New Membership Products

Introducing 6 Month & 12 Month Prepaid Memberships

Thanks for all your ongoing support as we continue to recover from 9 months of closure through the pandemic. We are focused on keeping you safe in our centers through excellent ventilation and controlled capacities to allow distancing. Our April Membership sale was really helpful to kick start LCC and help us finish off our seventh centre BethWall Green.

The expansion of CanaryWall, VauxWall West and addition of the Heating/Cooling system at VauxWall East shows our commitment to continued investment in our centers. We have lots of fresh new holds being ordered for our centers to mix up your climbing in the new year too. Since maintaining our team through the pandemic and topping up furlough, we have also increased pay by an average of 6%, improving starter rates in addition to rewarding length of service by introducing a banded pay system. Our centers are only as good as the teams that staff them and our continued reputation for excellent customer service means the world to us.

To ensure we continue to cover our growing overheads, there will by an average 3% increase in membership prices from 1st January 2022. With our seven centers, fantastic membership perks, long opening hours and extensive off-peak times our memberships are the best value way to climb with us twice a week or more.

Our full 2022 pricing update will be announced on 1st December, we have some very exciting tweaks including differentiated ‘Pay as you go’ pricing across our centers and introduction of some ‘super off-peak times’ to ensure we are not creating financial barriers to starting our fantastic sport.

Six month & Twelve month memberships are now permanent products, these new memberships give the option to make climbing with us even more economical.

  • Our 6-month memberships give you a 7% discount over 2022 recurring membership prices
  • Our 12-month memberships give you a 15% discount over 2022 recurring membership prices.

These new memberships are available to purchase now. It’s easy to switch your recurring membership to a prepaid membership should you wish, any of our reception teams can complete this for you with no days lost that you have already paid for.

A reminder of our Fantastic Membership Perks:


  • Unlimited entries to all LCC London Centres* (with no-hassle self-check-in)
  • 1 free hot drink per day at any off-peak time.
  • 10% off retail items in our onsite shops
  • 2 guest passes per month (new customers only)
  • Unlimited towel hire


*Prebooking is still required for evenings and weekends at VauxWall East & West, but we are working hard to continuously optimise safe access.

Extra special December 2021 Offer: Buy a 6-month or 12-month prepaid membership in December 2021 and you can take advantage of 20% off retail items at the same time. These retail items must be purchased at the same time as your membership.

A reminder of our opening times and off-peak times are below.


2022 LCC London Membership Prices

 # 2022 Pricing coming into effect 1st Jan 2022 Equivalent price per month
  Recurring: Off Peak £50 £50.00
1 Month Prepaid Off Peak £60 £60.00
6 Month Prepaid off peak Adult £279 £46.50
12 Month Prepaid off peak Adult £510 £42.50
  Recurring: Concession Anytime  £60 £60.00
1 Month Prepaid concession £70 £70.00
6 Month Prepaid Concession £335 £55.80
12 Month Prepaid Concession £612 £51.00
  Recurring: Adult Anytime £70 £70.00
1 Month Prepaid Adult Anytime £80 £80.00
6 Month Prepaid Adult anytime £391 £65.10
12 12 Month Prepaid Adult anytime £714 £59.50
  Recurring: Family (adult + 2 children) £95 £95.00
  Extra Family Member £36 £36.00
6 Month Prepaid Family £530 £88.35
12 Month Prepaid Family £969 £80.75
6 Month Prepaid Extra Family Member £201 £33.48
12 Month Prepaid Extra Family Member £367 £30.60

Summary of opening times and tariffs at our 7 London centres

VauxWall West Climbing Centre (SW8 1SR)

Open Weekdays – 6am -11pm

Open Weekends – 6am -11pm

Off Peak Weekdays 6am-4pm & 9pm-11pm

Off Peak Weekends 6am- 9am & 5pm-11pm


VauxWall East Climbing Centre (SE11 6BD)

Open Weekdays –9am -10pm

Open Weekends – 9am -7pm

Off Peak Weekdays 9am-4pm

Off Peak Weekends 5pm-7pm


HarroWall Climbing Centre (HA1 4HX)  

Open Weekdays – 10am -11pm

Open Weekends – 9am -10pm (extending to 8am from January)

Off Peak Weekdays – 10am-4pm & 9pm-11pm

Off Peak Weekends – 9am -10am & 5pm-10pm


RavensWall Climbing Centre (W6 0UQ)

Open Weekdays – 6am-10.30pm

Open Weekends – 9am-9pm

Off Peak Weekdays – 6am-4pm & 8.00pm-10.30pm

Off Peak Weekends –5pm-9pm


CroyWall Climbing Centre (CR0 4WN)

Open Weekdays – 6am-10pm

Open Weekends – 9am-9pm

Off Peak Weekdays – 6am-4pm & 8pm-10.00pm

Off Peak Weekends 9am-11am & 5pm-9pm


CanaryWall Climbing Centre (E14 8AA)

Open Weekdays – 6am-11.00pm

Open Weekends – 9am-9pm

Off Peak Weekdays – 6am-4pm & 9pm-11.00pm

Off Peak Weekends – 9am-11am & 5pm-9pm


BethWall Green Climbing Centre (E2 9QX)

Open Weekdays – 6am-11.00pm

Open Weekends – 8am-9pm

Off Peak Weekdays – 6am-4pm & 9pm-11.00pm

Off Peak Weekends – 8am-10am & 5pm-9pm