Tier 2 Changes at LCC London Centres – What you need to know for your next visit


Read below on the latest advice on how the Governments announcement on Thursday 15th October,  regarding all of London now moving to Tier 2 alert level as of Saturday 17th October, will affect your climbing visit.

As with all recent announcements & changes, our aim is to communicate with you as clearly as we can how this will affect your climbing visit to any one of our lovely LCC Climbing Centres.

With increasing restrictions around the country, with many gyms having to close, it is important that we, the gym, and you, our customers, do as much as we can to reduce the transmission of the virus. Doing this will help keep our walls open and help keep your all round mental and physical health intact through this wonderful sport of climbing.  If we move to Tier 3 government guidance states Gyms will remain open but this may overruled by local guidance, we will keep you informed as when this develops.

As always, we will try and be as much of a positive force throughout this time.

Increased Mask Wearing:
Masks will now be mandatory when not physically on a climbing wall or using gym equipment.
They are optional when climbing or using gym equipment.
We recommend you wear a mask at all times for maximum reduction of transmission, helping us to stay open.

Social Distancing:
As announced earlier this week, we have reduced our capacities to give more space within our centres. Tier 2 Government guidance states that you should only mix indoors (including gyms) with a person from your own household or support bubble. The simple interpretation of this for our centres is please stay 1m+ away from everyone at all times (while wearing masks as above). Our lowered capacities allow for this.
We have 6 amazing centres with lots and lots of climbing so please do vary centres so you have lots to try instead of focusing on only the latest new set in your local wall.

Capacities Updates:
We have reduced maximum capacities, with all centres below what is legally required of them to be, to make sure we give you as much confidence as possible when visiting our centre



We want to help all our climbers get back to what they love doing with minimal barriers due to the ongoing pandemic. We are always reviewing and tweaking our policies and procedure as Government and our industry bodies release more advice and guidance. Please note that our reduced capacities are still in place across all our sites to ensure social distancing is possible. If we do reach capacity we will operate a 1-in, 1-out system.

Our instruction programme will continue to operate in its current Covid Secure way as per Government guidance.

Loooooooong Opening Times:
We have some of the longest opening times in London (especially on weekends) so if you want a quieter time to climb you can easily visit any of our centres during an off-peak time to get better value and more space!

We will continue with our increased ventilation efforts throughout our centres so please do come dressed for more chilly weather.
To climb at VauxWest & VauxEast you will now have to pre-book. No space for walk-ins unfortunately as we hated turning people away in the evenings due to continual mis-understanding of our capacity counters.

All our centres are cleaned diligently by our staff – from large tasks such as hovering the mats to the small, hourly, tasks such as wiping down the iPads. From day 1 we have initiated strict cleaning measures to keep you safe.

The key Government and industry guidance is still to wash your hands, cover your face and keep your distance. We will continue to adapt and change as Government and our own trade body adjust their guidance. We also ask you all to play your part by following the below guidelines.



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