HarroComp: 20th July Edition

Go check out HarroWall next weekend (Saturday 20.07.19) for a chance to try some fun climbing and experience a great atmosphere at their always amazing HarroComp. With Junior (Under 16) and Adult (16+) categories, HarroWall competitions have something for everyone, with a fun circuit ranging from V0-V5, or try their epic comp wall with an extensive range of grades from V0-Vhard!

Regular entrance fees apply all throughout the day, with no extra charge to enter the comp, you just need to grab your scorecards at the front desk.

The HarroWall café will also be service up a delicious special to refuel you throughout the day, and supplying the beans as always to keep you focused, or a tea to relax after your session.

Fun comp winners will be chosen at random, there’s prizes for each category and everyone who hands in a score card is in with a chance to win something. We’ll see you Saturday!


20th July 2019

Comp Times
12pm – 5pm


Regular fees apply – no cost for scorecards

Fun Comp

V0 – V5 (Centre Wide)

Main Comp

V0 – Vhard (Comp Wall)


Yann Genoux & Joe Swales